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Mermaid Farasha ~  The founder of Las Vegas Mermaids™ has been fascinated with mythic tales of sea sirens, and the performing arts since she was a little girl growing up in Southern California’s sea-side city of Oxnard. After watching the movie “Splash” she knew she had to somehow embody the beauty, grace and mystery of the mermaid. In 2012, Farasha purchased a silicone tail and began her career as a professional mermaid. Her passion is to inspire self esteem for oneself and to embrace your unique individuality while promoting the mermaid lifestyle:  fun magical alternatives for strengthening mind, body and spirit. She has brought her aquatic performances to Treasure Island Resort, JW Marriott Hotel Resort & Spa, and Caesars Palace as well as numerous private Pool/Land parties, and corporate events.  She is Las Vegas Pirate Festival's resident mermaid, a bellydance performer/instructor, vegetarian and animal lover. 

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